Comparison of Myths in Popular Fiction - Index page
last update: 11 April 2002

This set of pages started with a comprehensive list about vampires and how the myths apply to several fictional universes. A little later, I added a similar list for Shapeshifters. Now with the start of a third page for Witches, I thought it was finally time to have a base page for the set.

So now, we have mythology pages for: 

As I mention on the pages, I am always, always glad to get comments and corrections on these pages. Unless you're actually abusive, you are not going to hurt my feelings. Right now I especially need help with the Witches page, which is the newest. 



These are some links for the fictional universes referred to in these pages..

WoD - The "World of Darkness" 
from the Storyteller(tm) line of products published by White Wolf
BtVS - Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
a television show currently on the WB network Tuesdays at 8pm. Also, of course, this includes the spinoff "Angel" on at 9pm. 
FK - Forever Knight 
a syndicated television show being shown in reruns by the Sci-Fi Channel
AB - Anita Blake 
a series of novels by Laurel K. Hamilton
AR - Anne Rice 
from the Interview books by Anne Rice
VN - Victory Nelson 
a series of novels by Tanya Huff
VF - The Vampire Files 
a series of novels by P. N. Elrod. This includes the Jonathan Barrett (American Revolution setting) books as well.
KK - Keeper of the King 
a novel by P. N. Elrod and Nigel Bennet - a sequel is soon to be published. 
DS - Dark Shadows 
a television show being shown in reruns by the Sci-Fi Channel
SY - Simon Ysidro 
from a pair of novels by Barbara Hambly
Cha - Charmed 
a television show currently on the WB network Wednesdays at 9pm. If anyone knows of a better Charmed website than this, please let me know

These people have been nice enough to link to me, so I thought I'd return the favor. These are in no particular order.

  • White Wolf (publishers of novels and RPGs in the "World of Darkness") also lists fan sites (like this one) at the Dark Spiral and has a big 'ol copyright / disclaimer page.

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